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Jener österreichische Musiker, der sich so intensiv und nachhaltig der Erkundung der klassischen Jazztradition  verschrieben hat, ist der Kärntner Klemens Marktl. Hört man seine Musik,weiterlesenAbout

Joe Locke

I have toured with Klemens Marktl,
playing his original compositions and arrangements.
He is a wonderful drummer, a writer possessing a high degree of creativity and an assured band leader.

Aaron Goldberg

Klemens Marktl is conscientious student of his craft.
As a bandleader he is selfless, quirky, tasteful and more than clever: a generous leader with something fresh to say.

Seamus Blake

Klemens Marktl is a fantastic team player kind of drummer. The kind that makes everyone in the band sound great because he really listens and really cares. He swings and writes great tunes too!

Tim Armacost

Klemens Marktl is one of those musicians who you remember really clearly the first time you heard them…